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Welcome to Sevenoaks Medical Centre

Sevenoaks Medical Centre has been developed to deliver world-leading private healthcare for patients who live in Sevenoaks and its surrounding areas. The centre provides access to the best facilities and consultants in the medical field, without having to travel into London.

Supported by London Bridge Hospital, one of the largest private hospitals in the UK, at Sevenoaks Medical Centre we cover a wide range of outstanding outpatient services and specialities to diagnose and treat patients with many conditions, rapidly and effectively.

From our state-of-the art 3T MRI and ultrasound services to our key specialities in cardiology and neurology, we pride ourselves in providing exceptional consultants with the latest medical technology to bring patients the best personal quality care.

We also aim to provide fast and simple access to all our Outpatient Services, with same or next day appointments, quick results and highly effective treatment.

Most importantly, we are devoted to the care and improvement of human life. Our dedicated team aims to constantly improve the standards of healthcare we offer across all areas of our Outpatient Services.

From the investment we put into our cutting-edge facilities to the highly skilled consultants we choose to work in our services, everything we do at Sevenoaks Medical Centre is done to make sure we remain a world-leader in private healthcare.

Top Specialities

At Sevenoaks Medical Centre we are proud to provide world-leading expertise across key specialties. With healthcare ranging from treating ear infections to foot conditions, each speciality includes the best facilities, exceptional consultants and advanced diagnosis and treatment procedures to help patients from a wide range of backgrounds.

Request a callback or alternately you can request an appointment by calling 01732 775800

Key benefits

We are confident that our Outpatient Services at Sevenoaks Medical Centre benefit patients in four important ways. Together, these benefits guarantee patients get unrivalled, fast and effective healthcare that’s tailored to their needs – helping them to make a successful recovery and live a full, happy and healthy life.


Leaders in their field and from top teaching hospitals, our team at Sevenoaks Medical Centre is exceptional. We make sure our patients get world-class consultants, all highly experienced in private healthcare to successfully diagnose and treat many conditions.

Benefit 1


Technology is a key part of healthcare and top technology is needed to provide top healthcare. Whether for a patient examination, diagnosis or treatment, we make sure we use the most advanced software and equipment in the medical field.

Benefit 2


We believe high-quality patient care is a crucial part of healthcare. Our multidisciplinary teams work hard to make sure the care they give is exceptional and developed to a patient’s needs, right from when they first get in touch.

Benefit 3


Having any health condition can be worrying, so we aim to provide quick and simple access to our services. From same day appointments to fast results, we strive to deliver rapid diagnosis and treatment, giving our patients peace of mind.

Benefit 4
Request a callback or alternately you can request an appointment by calling 01732 775800