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Brest Care Services

Sevenoaks Medical Centre is home to expert breast consultants and state-of-the-art diagnostic facilities for breast health. Our consultant breast surgeons are supported by breast radiologists, mammographers and nurses to provide a full diagnostic and treatment service.

We understand that if you have any symptoms relating to your breast, you want to be seen by a trusted expert as quickly as possible.

If you’d like to find out more about the breast care facilities we provide at Sevenoaks Medical Centre, or if you’d like to arrange an appointment with our qualified team, use our online booking form, or call 01732 775 800.



At our Breast Clinic at Sevenoaks Medical Centre we provide a holistic approach as well as a personalised service. If you find yourself noticing something unusual in your breasts, we can offer rapid access to tests, expert advice, diagnosis and also treatments to make you feel at ease.

At Sevenoaks Medical Centre we can diagnose and treat the following breast diseases and conditions:

  • Breast abnormality
  • Breast and nipple infections
  • Breast cancer
  • Breast cysts and lumps
  • Breast pain (Mastalgia)
  • Breast tissue issues
  • Breast tumours, such as fibroadenoma
  • Nipple discharge


During the initial consultation, a specialist breast consultant will assess your symptoms as well as conduct a physical examination. A range of diagnostic procedures may also be discussed in the consultation. If further tests are needed, you may have these on the same day otherwise we could arrange an appointment that’s suitable for you. You will then see the consultant for a follow up afterwards.


In order to assess and treat conditions related to the breast we can perform a number of diagnostic tests These include:

Ultrasound scanning – This is an imaging technique that uses sound waves to look for breast lumps and other breast abnormalities. It can also be used to analyse abnormal mammogram results.

Mammograms -This technique involves the mammographer producing images of the breast by compressing it between two plates. The procedure should not cause any pain however you may experience some discomfort. The consultant radiologist will then examine the images and may recommend additional views, or tomosynthesis breast imaging to achieve a better assessment.

Fine needle aspiration – This procedure entails using a fine needle and syringe to collect breast cells, this type of biopsy is carried out to analyse the tissue of the breast under a microscope. Some patients may experience some discomfort for a few minutes.

Core biopsy – This technique requires the use of a local anaesthetic. It involves removing a small fragment of tissue from the breast. Multiple samples may be required to make sure a suitable amount of tissue is taken. The duration of the procedure is between 15 to 20 minutes.

Blood tests

Following a discussion with your consultant, should you require surgery we would be able to arrange this for you at KIMS Hospital.


One stopclinic access and treatment – When patients use our Breast Clinic facilities, we aim to provide appointments on the same or next day. With our expert team aiming to deliver results quickly.

Expert breast care specialists – The consultants in our Breast clinic are experts in their field. Exceptionally skilled and highly experienced they can successfully diagnose and treat many breast-related conditions.

Latest breast care technology –From examination to diagnosis and treatment, the equipment and software we use is designed to provide as fast and effective treatment as possible.

Exceptional quality of care – We ensure you receive exceptional care when using our Breast Clinic services, thanks to our multidisciplinary approach. Our team prides itself on working hard to deliver an exceptional level of patient care.

Leading to the best outcome – The main goal of the Breast Clinic Service at Sevenoaks Medical Centre is to deliver results that lead to the best outcome for you. Whether we’re examining a breast issue or treating a complex breast abnormality, our care is tailored to your specific needs and circumstances. If you would like to find out more about the Breast Clinic at Sevenoaks Medical Centre or want to arrange an appointment with our team then please use our online booking form, or call 01732 386 996.