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Outpatient services at Sevenoaks Medical Centre provides access to unparalleled levels of treatment and care for people with nervous system-related conditions living outside of London.

Neurosurgery covers surgical procedures affecting the nervous system. We Aim to prevent, diagnose and treat conditions and disorders involving the brain and spinal cord.

Our services provide patients with the facilities to successfully prepare for, and recover from, a range of neurosurgery procedures for the brain and spine. This aims to help them make a full recovery after surgery and live a comfortable and confident life.

Neurosurgery services for the brain and spine 

Our experienced team of consultants are able to diagnose and treat brain and spine-related conditions and provide a neurological assessment to fully prepare patients for surgery.

If your diagnosis confirms you should need surgery, you will be transferred to our HCA facilities at London Bridge Hospital, where our highly qualified neurosurgeons will give you the best treatment and quality care.

There are many types of neurosurgery procedures we support patients with at Sevenoaks Medical Centre. These include brain disorders and conditions, such as fluid on the brain and tumours, as well as issues related to the spine, including a slipped disc and sciatica – the name for pain that is caused by irritation or compression of the sciatic nerve.

How services at Sevenoaks Medical Centre can help you

Fast treatment for best recovery – Our neurosurgery services at Sevenoaks Medical Centre aim to provide a diagnoses for neurological conditions which is fast, convenient and effective. This aims to make sure you receive quick and efficient treatment that gives you the best possible outcome.

Top consultants and technology – We aim to provide appointments at the centre the same day or next day you contact us. Our qualified team will also aim to give you your diagnosis during your visit. With our state-of-the-art consulting rooms and advanced facilities, including our 3T MRI scanning technology, our team of experts will also provide a treatment programme that best fits you and your condition.

Ideal care and exceptional support - HCA’s highly skilled neurosurgeons will to give you with the best treatment and provide exceptional care, before our consultants support you with a recovery programme that you can manage and achieve.

If you would like to find out more about the services we provide in neurosurgery at Sevenoaks Medical Centre, call 01732 775 800 to get in touch with a member of our highly qualified team.