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Children’s Allergy Clinic

The clinic is led by a Consultant Paediatrician with a dedicated Paediatric nurse, and will provide rapid diagnosis with access to skin prick tests and blood tests. Diagnosis can often be delayed or difficult and early intervention can not only improve symptoms rapidly, but interestingly prevent other new allergies.  Research shows that early introduction of peanut even in children with other allergies) might actually prevent the development of a peanut allergy.

Allergies that can be diagnosed and treated include:

  • Eczema
  • Abdominal tummy pains
  • Asthma
  • Hay fever
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Feeding problems
At Sevenoaks Medical Centre, we have the experience and expertise to deal with any allergy query and arrange further investigations as needed.

Skin prick tests

An effective way of testing for allergies is by performing a skin prick test.  We can perform this for common allergens which are eaten as well as inhaled. 
For fresh fruits, we can perform prick to prick tests. 
What happens during a skin prick test? 
The test is usually carried out on the inner forearm. Avoid Piriton for 72 hours or long acting anti-histaminics such as cetirizine / loratadine for a week before please
A detailed medical history will be taken. Following this a drop of the allergen selected and placed on the skin.
The skin is then pricked through the drop with the tip of a lancet. This may feel a bit uncomfortable but not painful. The test results are read in 20 minutes, and will be followed by counselling. 
In some situations, IgE blood tests may provide additional / complementary information
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