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Private GP Services

We are now offering Private GP appointments at Sevenoaks Medical Centre. Our experienced and friendly GPs can offer you an appointments on Mondays.

Seeing a private GP

Anybody can see a private GP, and our flexible appointment lengths allow you to get as much time as you need with your doctor. At Sevenoaks we’re able to offer:

  • GP Consultation, diagnosis and treatment
  • Contraception checks
  • Flu vaccinations
  • Private and repeat prescriptions with individualised care plans
  • Laboratory tests, such as blood tests and allergy testing
  • Travel advice and vaccinations

We are also able to refer you quickly to a specialist at Sevenoaks Medical Centre, should you require further investigations or treatment.

How much does a private GP consultation cost?


A 15 minute consultation costs £75
A 30 minute consultation costs £150
A 45 minute consultation costs £225
A 60 minute consultation costs £300

(Please note that vaccination fees, laboratory tests and prescription drugs will be charged at an additional fee to your GP consultation)

Many appointments can be covered in a 15 minute time slot, and there is no limit to the number of conditions or concerns which you can raise within this time

Frequently asked questions

Will my medical insurance cover me?

Please check with your insurance policy provider as not all cover GP services. We are here to help with any issues or queries you have, so please get in touch.

How do I check my insurance cover?

You will need to ring your insurance provider and will likely be asked for the doctor’s name and the name of the facility. If your policy covers GP services, they will be able to issue you with an authorisation code to provide to us when you come for your appointment.

Can my GP refer me to a specialist?

Yes. If you need any specialist care of further tests, we can quickly refer you to see a private consultant at the best private facility for your health needs. Your insurance will typically cover this, though we advise you check if you need a pre-authorisation code beforehand. If you’re not insured, you can still be referred to see a private specialist on a self-pay basis.

Can my GP refer me to see a specialist through the NHS?

The NHS does not allow this. However, we can help you to see the right person by providing a letter for your NHS doctor explaining your condition and why you need to see a specialist.

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