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Cheryl Clow an #EverydayHero

Cheryl Clow an #EverydayHero

HCA Healthcare Uk’s #EverydayHero, Cheryl Clow, is the Business Office Administrator at Sevenoaks Medical Centre. Cheryl speaks to us about a typical day at work, her favourite part of her job, the rule she lives her life by, and her inspiration.

1. What is like to be chosen as an #EverydayHero?

It’s an honour and a privilege. I’m quite surprised. I just wasn’t expecting it.

2. Can you run us through your working day?

I greet and register patients on arrival, with professionalism and a smile. I book radiology appointments for patients and prepare the administrative side for the daily clinics. I assist with any questions or queries the patients may have regarding the healthcare we provide, and ensure the patient experience is to an exceptional standard.

Having the ability to work under pressure, being able to deal with a multitude of situations during the day is a must in this role. Being part of such a small team, it’s great because we all pull together and make sure that we support each other. We have a strong family feel at Sevenoaks Medical Centre.

3. Do you have a rule that you live by?

Always be open and honest, kind and caring.

4. What’s your favourite aspect of your job?

The satisfaction received from providing great care to the patients and working with outstanding people who deliver that care. I am a member of the local community in Sevenoaks so feel very ‘connected’ to a lot of the patients who attend the centre.

5. Who or what inspires you?

My father is my biggest inspiration, since my mother’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis the level of courage and determination he has found within himself to cope with this terrible illness which affects so many people, is truly incredible.

Sevenoaks Medical Centre has inspired me. I once experienced being a patient at the Centre, before I started working there. I enjoyed my experience as a patient so much that I decided to join as a member of staff. I realised I wanted to be part of that team and contribute to the care staff give patients at the centre.

5. What do you enjoy outside of work?

I devote most of my time to my parents as they both need my support due to ill health. My partner and I do enjoy travelling so we like to take time out when we can and have had the opportunity to visit some amazing places around the world, including 2 parachute jumps over Queenstown.

Posted on 04 November 2016

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